Authored/Teaching at AAU:

•Digital Media 1: Photography & Imaging (Photoshop)

•Vector Art & Motion (Illustrator and Animate)

•Interactive Illustration (Animate)



•BFA in Illustration – 1998


My Tools:

•Paper, Pencil, Pen, iPad

•Adobe Illustrator CC

•Adobe Photoshop CC

•Adobe InDesign CC

•Adobe Dreamweaver CC

•Adobe Animate CC


•Biocodex, Inc.

•Blue Restaurant

•Commish Kit


•Performance Computing magazine

•Rebel Bar


•Space Dog Books

•Tessitura Network

•Truck Bar

•Velvet Cantina Restaurant


Published Books:

•"Snark, Inc." published in 2002

•"The Amazing Snox Box" published in 2003


Interesting Links:

The FUNhouse was a big part of my life for several years.


Favorite Quotes:

"...artists are magical beings. They're the only people other than the gods who can grant immortality." –Matt Ruff, Fool on the Hill


"The Strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them." –Gene Roddenberry


"No artist knows everything... but since every artist knows more than he can tell, all art is lying by omission." –Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer

©1999 to Present, Tom Ellsworth